A pretentious art image of the author Wildside

First Published 1996

Jumper Cover

Wildside Cover

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Blind Waves Cover

Reflex (Sequel to Jumper)


Original cover art by Nick Jainschigg.

From the cover copy:

It's another Earth, a pristine world where mammoths and saber-toothed tigers still roam. Where there are no cities, no highways, no pollution, no laws...no people at all.

It lies just behind the heavy wooden door, hidden in the back of the old barn, through a tunnel that enters a hillside in South Texas but doesn't come out the other side.

The door belongs to Charlie Newell.

Wildside was the recipient of the Hal Clement Award for Best Young Adult Science Fiction given by the Golden Duck Foundation and was on the American Library Association Best Book List, YA division.

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Original Hardback Cover

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YA-Themed Cover released in 2003

Wildside Japanese Vol. 1

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