A pretentious art image of the author Helm

First Published August 1998

Jumper Cover

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Reflex (Sequel to Jumper)


Original cover art by Jim Burns

From the flap copy:

     Faced with global devastation, the last remnants of Earth's culture sent a handful of colonists to a distant terraformed world ot give humanity one last, desperate chance.
     Unable to provide the technology required for an advanced civilization, the founders instilled in the colonists a strict code of conduct and gave them a few precious imprinting devices; glass helmets that conatin all of Earth's scientific knowledge.
     The colonists barely survied their landing on the world they called Agatsu. Much of their precious technology from Earth was lost in the struggle to endure. But one imprinting device remained.
     Once in a generation, the heir to the province of Laal begins the arduous training required to survice the imprinting of the Glass Helm and acquire the knowledge of lost Earth. But Leland de Laal, the youngest son of one of Agatsu's greatest leaders, has climbed the forbidden rock spire where the Helm is kept and donned it, unaware that its knowledge has a terrible price. To an unprepared mind it brings madness, agony, and even death.
     Leland's father must make a bitter choice to safeguard that pricelss legacy--and preserve his son's life. Leland must be Forged, his body and his mind conditioned quickly so that he can survive the effects of the imprinting.
     Overnight, Leland is shunned, attacked by his own brothers, treated as a shameful outcast, and at last banished to the distant outpust of Red Rock, to receive military training from a legendary master of martial arts. And there, Leland begins to unlock the dormant knowledge within him and prepare for a crucial role in Agatsu's future.

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