Steven Gould and Laura J. Mixon

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A struggling young company—one that uses a new
technology to produce clean, ocean-based power in a deep-
water facility to power mariculture and ocean
research ventures—is threatened by terrorists and a hurricane, coerced
by crooked state regulators, and becomes the subject of an undercover
FBI investigation.

Index In Hardcover, June 1997
In Paperback, November 1998

On the Piedra Lisa Trail, (c) 1996, Earl Mixon
Forge Books, an imprint of Tom Doherty Associates, Inc.

ISBN 0-312-85261-4

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Copyright © 1998 Steven Gould and Laura J. Mixon.

While the authors of Greenwar support the work of Greenpeace and other pro-environmental organizations, there is no affiliation between Greenpeace and the authors, their work, or this website.

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