(c) 1996, Earl Mixon

Laura J. Mixon

is the author of cutting edge SF novels GLASS HOUSES and (forthcoming) PROXIES, both from Tor Books. She’s a graduate of the Clarion SF Writing Workshop and spent two years in Kenya teaching as a Peace Corps Volunteer. A chemical and environmental engineer, for five years she was a vice president and corporate officer of Salomon Inc (the Wall Street firm) where she created and managed their department of Environmental Affairs.

Her knowledge of environmental law and science and her experience with the corporate world were instrumental to the writing of GREENWAR.

(c) 1996, Earl Mixon

Steven Gould

is the author of the SF novels JUMPER, WILDSIDE, and (forthcoming) HELM, all from Tor Books. He's been nominated for the Hugo twice and the Nebula once. Both JUMPER and WILDSIDE were ALA Best Books for Young Adults.

His experience diving (23 years) and technical experience in the oil field industry were used in the design of the offshore facility in GREENWAR.


This was a true collaboration. There was no senior or junior writer. The novel was plotted together with Laura writing substantial portions of the first draft and Steve writing most scenes involving diving, certain aspects of the facility description, and some of the Keith Hellman viewpoint. (Oh--and explosions. Steve likes explosions.) Each author then made multiple passes through the manuscript.
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