Greenwar Acknowledgements
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Thanks are due to several people who helped us make this book more and better than it would have been.

Regina and Earle Tarr, in particular, deserve our gratitude; they went far beyond the line of duty in providing us truckloads of useful info about Melbourne, including photos and legwork, and subsequently vetted the manuscript for accuracy.

Dr. Rodney Fujita of the Environmental Defense Fund was also a wonderful resource—he provided lots of useful information on marine ecology, sustainable mariculture, and ocean thermal energy technology.

Joe Haldeman and William S. Gross gave us good boom— details about plastic explosives.

Sue Bottom, Vice President of Environmental, Health, and Safety for Phibro Energy, USA, gave us some useful tips on our hydrogen plant design.

Jake Varn, an environmental attorney in Florida, helped us with some environmental compliance issues.

Dan Hatch shared his sordid past in the Coast Guard.

Tim O’Donnell, Vice President of Corporate Insurance for Salomon Brothers, told us things about corporate insurance.

Venkat Venkatraman, a Vice President in Salomon Brothers's Mortgage Lending group, told us some things about merchant banking, deal funding, and he let us use his name.

Sage Walker, an M.D. with lots of experience as an emergency room physician, gave good gore—she helped us get the medical trauma right.

Martha Wells and Tom Knowles, fellow writers, read the tome on a short turnaround and gave us excellent plot critiques.

Valerie Davis of Holmes Regional Medical helped us improve the hospital settings.

Any errors that remain are, of course, our own.

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